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Bessonova UV lamp for sterilization

Offer type: salePublished: 15.06.2017
Company:TD Vektor
Seller:Silant'eva Ol'ga Vasil'evna
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Bessonova ultraviolet lamps are used to sterilize water, air and various surfaces
In Bessonova the low-pressure lamps UL C 90% of energy is at a wavelength of 254 nm. This creates a strong disinfecting effect and the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses without the formation of ozone.
Features Bessonova UV lamps:
• Our lamps UL C disinfected using ultraviolet light water, air and surfaces without harmful side effects to humans and the environment.
• UL C lamp is effective in destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores throughout the lamp life.
• Internal coating on the bulb UV lamp used for stable UV radiation in the range C, the reduction of which end-of-life bulb not to exceed 20%.
• Glass does not transmit wavelengths that lead to the formation of air toxic ozone.
• Lamps fit most common pescarastrada devices, both electronic and electromagnetic.
• Disinfection of air:
in operating rooms, wards, laboratories, hospitals and clinics;
in kindergartens, schools, enterprises;
- in ventilation ducts and air conditioners.
• Disinfection of surfaces:
- in hospitals;
- food enterprises.
• Disinfection of water:
in aquariums, ponds and pools;
in water treatment systems.