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Video tutorials on methodsto

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:TOV Pchela
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Why buy Queen bees, bring them out himself. Make your apiary more, give or sell mares neighbor beekeeper. And it should be not much just to have the knowledge. Order 2 disk about methodsto will receive all the necessary knowledge for breeding ewes. As people say it is better to see once than 100 to read or hear. List of movies on disc:
- breeding Queen bees ( Institute of scientific films Germany)
- insemination of Queen bees ( Institute of scientific films Germany)
o bee ( Department of Zoology)
- insemination of Queen bees ( Department of Zoology)
- the use of swarm Queen cells ( Department of Zoology)
- the artificial breeding of Queens ( Department of Zoology)
- methodtwo ( film Krivchikov)
- bee, the drone, the uterus ( film Ostashev)
Post delivery, payment after receiving disk drives cost + shipping cost.
cost 2 drive 80 UAH , the viewing time is 7 hours 03 minutes.