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Sell the Phosphor PCF-C

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:Predprinimatel' Skopyuk V.P.
Seller:Ckopyuk Vladimir PETROVICh
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Address:Ukraine, Volyns'ka Oblast', Novovolyns'k

Sell the Phosphor PCF-C.
The phosphor PCF-C ( Manufacturer factory Krasny Khimik Russia)
THE 6-09-768-77

Technical characteristics

1. The appearance of Powder light green color
2. Light color Green
3. The average particle size, 20 μm±10
4. Duration of afterglow, h 1-25. 5.The brightness via 10min., MCD./m2 80

The phosphor is a powder substance capable of converting absorbed the energy into light emission, in other words - to luminesce. The name of the phosphor is derived from the Latin word "lumen", which means light, and the Greek word "phoros" in the translation - bearing. Thus this substance is literally translated as light-carrier. According to the chemical nature of the phosphors are divided into inorganic, most of which relates to the crystal, and organic. Inorganic phosphors used in fluorescent lamps, cathode-ray tubes and find other applications.