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Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Seller:Zhuvak Aleksandr Dmitrievich
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Currently Trichogramma is the primary means of biological pest control. Trichogramma a small insect (0.5 mm) insect, parasite of many pests. The larva develops through nutritional content of the eggs of the pest insect, which leads to his death at the initial stage of development. Trichogramma completely harmless to humans , animals, birds and bees. Scientific studies have proven that the use of Trichogramma provides a yield increase of crops. The use of Trichogramma helps keep the threshold of the pests. Sow Trichogramma manually and using aviation units ART-2. Release of Trichogramma is made in two periods against each generation of pests on steam square against the second winter scoops before sowing of winter crops in 2-4 time. The use of Trichogramma will allow You to virtually abandon the use of chemical plant protection products.