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Cesarin ultra-stimulant fruit formation

Offer type: продамPublished: 21.05.2020
Price:100 UAH
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Address:Cherkasy, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Ukraine
The NEW 2020 Comprehensive basicrate fertilizer to increase fruit and accelerate their maturation. Fertilizer has fungicidal properties.

The drug is introduced during the formation and growth of fruit, by drip irrigation or spraying on leaves.

The fertilizer contains a wide range of amino acids, minerals and other nutrients that are easily assimilated by plants through the root system or leaf plate.
Algae extract protein - 200g / l Nitrogen - 7%; Phosphorus 10%; Potassium 14%; Complex of nine amino acids is 5.3%; Magnesium - 25 g / l Zinc 10 g / l; Microelements: Na, Ca, S, Cu, Mn, Mo, Co, Se, Fe, I - 0,2-0,7%; Vitamins - B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, C, E, A; the Spores of the fungus Trichoderma lignorum - titer not less than 2.0 * 109.

• Accelerates the ripening process of fruit.
• Increases fruit size.
• Improves the taste of products.
• Enhances yield and quality of products.
• Increases immunity of plants to disease.
Waiting time before harvest, after the treatment do not exist.

Toxicity: environmentally safe.
Method of use: for fertilizing all crops.
Drip irrigation: 1 liter per 1000-1200l water
100 ml for 1 km of tape
Spraying on leaves: 250ml per 1 ha
25 ml per 10 l of water

Drug use in the period of formation and growth of fruit, with an interval of 10-12 days.