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Mobile industrial drying chambers (drying racks) Gefest DKF for high-speed drying of firewood.

Offer type: salePublished: 06.08.2020
Price:26 000 EUR
Company:Kompaniya GEFEST
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Design and manufacture of special industrial drying chambers (including mobile) for high-speed, high-quality and economic drying of firewood, and other technical raw materials.

Modern drying technology and body design allow the wood to dry for 1 day, with a small consumption of electric and thermal energy.

Provide modern technology to speed the drying of firewood, inaccessible industrial cameras from other manufacturers, implemented a full technological support to our customers and train our staff to the special techniques for working with cameras - You do not have, for their mistakes, lose their own money!

Also produce:
+ industrial drying chambers for termomatika of wood;
+ Autonomous system of power supply;
+ industrial climatic chambers;
+ industrial propertyval camera;
+ industrial painting and drying and painting chamber;
+ facade system with active thermal insulation ECOCOLT®;
+ another non-standard technological equipment.

Individual projects.

Pre-orders are accepted by phone (+38097) 069-70-70.



High the efficiency of the equipment always gives the most profit!