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Mixes blocks in Bronnitsy

Offer type: salePublished: 05.05.2020
Price:44 RUR
Company:Zavod peskotsementnyih blokov "Peskoblok"
Seller:Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Buy Mixes blocks in Bronnitsy Mixes blocks are common in construction because of the characteristic qualities, which allow you to construct the durable and sustainable for a low price. The building mixes blocks will withstand extreme cold without cracking and other consequences. The air in the voids is a good insulator. Sand concrete blocks manufacture neskolkih types: Solid-Foundation option that enables you to build a solid Foundation Hollow-wall, for walls of buildings. Size 40 20 20 Also in the presence of building materials: Foam blocks 600/300/200 in Bronnitsy Slate wave Bronnitsy Cement M500 in bags in Bronnitsy Glue for gas-silicate concrete blocks in Bronnitsy Dry mixes in bags M150 M200 M300 in Bronnitsy Payment in cash Fast shipping manipulator Work every day without breaks Buy mixes blocks in Bronnitsy delivery to know the price of the product and delivery you can call on the phone 89671816505 Alexander