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Дробильно-сортировочные комплексы McCloskey International (England) )

Offer type: продамPublished: 05.05.2020
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Crusher (jaw, cone, rotary) is applicable for solving various problems. Jaw crusher is designed for primary crushing of stone. For this purpose use technology that allows you to compress and scuff the stone-a special high-strength steel cheeks. You have the option of adjusting the size of fragmented parts of the stone. Required cone crusher for secondary crushing, and the rotor crushes the material with low abrasiveness, provided that the material is of medium hardness.

Vibrating screens

Vibrating screens – a technique that allows you to sort the various loose material. This is a snap. This sorting is achieved by adjusting the amplitude and frequency of the ongoing oscillation, and also another angle.


Trommel – popular "trommel" suited for the separation of solids, characterized by high humidity, a very strong level mixing. Simplification of the separation of material is achieved by rotation of the drum. There are also special brushes for rapid cleaning of sieves.

Autonomous stacking conveyors

Autonomous stacking conveyor – very convenient mobile version, which can be rotated to increase the area for placing cargo. Belt conveyors quickly transporterowych the goods to the desired point. It is also possible to work at an angle that will significantly improve the ability to quickly move any loose material and load it in the right place. This conveyor has a receiving compartment, which is easy to load front loader or excavator.