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Hydraulic four-high mill rolls, Sahinler 4R HS series

Offer type: salePublished: 01.06.2018
Company:TOV 'F.Tehnolodzhi'
Seller:Fariga Dmitro Oleksandrovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Four-roll hydraulic press brake (waltzs) series 4R HS most well suited for automatic bending of sheet average thickness in the production of snap fasteners in the automatic operating cycle as using and without the use of a variety of CNC systems, as well as for the manufacture of parts AC radius They are characterized by simplicity and ease of use, attractive design, reliability. Rollers of this series are used in serial production.


· Machine is designed for bending medium and heavy plates, including stainless steel;

· Easy the manufacture of the shells as a full circle and variable radius;

· Moving top and side rolls is by means of hydraulic cylinders;

· Top the shaft is driven by a hydromotor with planetary gear;

· Made in accordance with the EU regulations on safety.

Distinctive features:

· Hydraulic the positioning of the lower pinch roll;

· Two cross roll with dual clamping action, the lower the pressure and transverse the rolls are equipped with system balancing, ensuring perfect parallelism and high quality;

· Hydraulic drive upper rolls with gear drive, equipped with a system

· Protection overload;

· Piston the movement of lateral rolls;

· Digital the displays for positioning rolls;

· Hydraulic a folding support to facilitate removal of the cylinder;

· All the controls are conveniently located on separate panels;

· Heavy welded steel frame, heat-treated to relieve stresses;

· Rolls with induction hardened made of forged carbon steel with high

durability on a stretching, subjected to heat treatment and were non-destructive structural control;

· For special types of work are rolls with a polished surface;

· Device for conical bending;

· The hydraulic part is made of components of the Bosch / Rexroth

· System emergency shutdown: a wire security barrier around the machine and a button emergency stop;

· Reducers Brevini or Transmittal-Bonfialioli

· Electrical equipment: Telemecanique, Siemens.

· Two-speed the system is controlled independent of the console;

· Machine made in accordance with the guidelines in technique security of the EU (labelling "COE").


Roller brake machine of the firm Sahinler - modern a high level equipment, its a variety to satisfy the most discerning taste. Brake waltz