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Clay joiner - KLEIBERIT, Germany

Offer type: salePublished: 01.06.2018
Price:100 UAH
Company:Parallel' Trejd
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
High quality carpenter's glue for bonding wood and wood materials TM "KLEIBERIT", Germany. Waterproof glue D3 and D4 for products to be used indoors and outdoors, respectively. Glue is an important item in the manufacture of furniture! Trust a professional – Kleiberit will not fail. KLEIBERIT 303.0 reliable basis wooden furniture on the basis of PVA, the stress group D3. KLEIBERIT 300.0 is the best solution for veneering and bonding of an array of soft rocks. PVA-dispersion groups loads D3. KLEIBERIT 314.3 – a guarantee of durable service wooden Windows, doors and other articles exposed to atmospheric influences. One-component adhesive based on PVA for water connections, the stress group D4. KLEIBERIT PUR 501 – higher strength, water and heat resistance, based on polyurethane, the stress group D4. Can be used in any Cabinet work, and in the production of wall timber and a variety of beams, etc. Tel: (068) 044-29-39. Alina. Additional information on the website