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Pahlen electric heater of heat-resistant plastic 3-18 kW

Offer type: salePublished: 31.05.2018
Company:OOO 'Lord-X'
Seller:Natal'ya Krichfalushij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Heaters made of plastic are rated from 3 to 18 kW. The body is made of heat-resistant
plastic. Heating elements are made of Incoloy alloy 825 or there are models with a Heater made of titanium for additional guarantees in the case of very aggressive water with high chlorine content, where there is a risk of corrosion.
The minimum flow 90 l/min.
Maximum pressure: 2.5 bar.
- Housing made of reinforced heat-resistant plastic
- Horizontal installation, eliminates air pockets and prevents damage to heating elements
- Heating elements made of alloy Incoloy 825 or titanium
- Equipped with overheating protection and a flow sensor
- Compact size
- Couplings for adhesive bonding Ø 50 mm