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The font for saunas,baths

Offer type: salePublished: 31.05.2018
Company:OOO 'Lord-X'
Seller:Natal'ya Krichfalushij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The font for saunas, bath houses or polypropylene of any shape and size you can order in "Lord-X".
Any form of font has its advantages. You have the option to order a form that is suitable for floor space and fit into Your interior.
The font for the bath is rectangular in shape, the most practical option, as it emphasizes the straight geometric shape of the room and also allows you to use the entire area of the premises which is reserved for the font.
Polypropylene font angular shapes fit perfectly into one of the corners of the small space, allowing you to save valuable free space.
The classic form of the font is round, the most convenient to use. Installation of this font requires a spacious room.
For each form of the font is possible to install stairs for easy immersion. High quality material for making fonts neutral to different oils, allowing you to use oil bath and therapeutic procedures.