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Salt electrolyzer hidrolife sal16,22,33,50+ph control dosing

Offer type: salePublished: 31.05.2018
Company:OOO 'Lord-X'
Seller:Natal'ya Krichfalushij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Salt electrolysis system produces Chlorine from common salt dissolved in water. For this you need to add the pool salt at a concentration of 4-6 kg / m3 (5-6 times lower than in sea water).
Water treatment by electrolysis is a closed circle which does not change the concentration of salt in the water. Created hypochlorite destroys organic matter and pathogens in the water, and transformed again in sodium chloride (table salt). Products apart, reacts, and again restored.
Created by electrolysis of the hypochlorite, it is not harmful to the health of swimmers. It doesn't irritate any mucous membranes or the skin, do not bleach bathing suits. Suitable for individuals with allergies to chlorine.