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Screw compressor Comprag АRD 11, АRD 15, АRD 18, 22 АRD

Offer type: salePublished: 27.05.2018
Seller:unisol Sergej
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Sell screw air compressor Comprag A - 22 - 3,6 Cuba - 22 kW

Buy screw air compressor Comprag And 22 the price of the manufacturer.

Comprag the official representative in Ukraine - the company "universal Solution" offers delivery of industrial screw compressors Comprag series AirStation.

Technical characteristics of the screw compressor Comprag A-22, AR-22, 22 ARD^

the performance of the compressor Comprag A-22 - 3.6 m3/min,
Working pressure from 8 to 13 bar,
power motors - 22 kW

Screw compressor Comprag AR-22 is equipped with receiver 500 l
Screw compressor Comprag АRD-22 is equipped with receiver and dryer compressed air.

Screw air compressors Comprag provide producers of 1.10 m3/min to 13.8 m3/min.
Screw compressors Comprag come in three versions:
Series (A) - screw air compressor Comprag in the basic version
Series (AR) - Comprag screw air compressor with receiver
Series (ARD) - screw air compressor Comprag with the receiver and the compressed air dryer.

Screw compressor Comprag are completed with screw blocks of leading European manufacturers, such as GHH-Rand and Rotorcomp.
Provides low level of vibration and noise during equipment operation. The ideal ratio "price-quality" compressors provide Comprag leading positions on the market of compressor equipment.

In our company You can buy screw air compressor Comprag for the price of the manufacturer!

All compressor equipment company Comprag (Germany), covered by the official manufacturer's warranty - 12 months.

Service and warranty service is provided by official dealer of company Comprag in Ukraine, OOO "universal solution", the city of Kyiv.