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Limit switch firms FAEL Typ 758 83 02, 83 758 32 Typ (button).

Offer type: salePublished: 12.04.2019
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Koemz sells:
Limit switch firms FAEL Typ 83 758 02 (button).
Limit switch firms FAEL Typ 83 758 32 (button).
Limit switch VP-15К21Б211-54У2.3/2.8;
Limit switch VP-15К21Б221-54У2.3/2.8;
Limit switch VP-15К21Б231-54У2.3/2.8;
Limit switch VP-16Г23Б231-55У2.3;
Limit switch VP-16Г23Б241-55У2.3;
Limit switch VP-16Г23Б251-55У2.3;
Limit switch VP-19М21Б-411;412;421.
Limit switch VP-19М21Б-431.
Limit switch VK-200, VK-300, VK-700, VK-701.
Limit switch MIC-1110, MIC-1111, military-1112, MIC-1113, military-1210, MIC-1212.
Limit switch MIC 2010, MIC-2110, MIC-2111, MIC-2112, military-2113, defense industry-2121, military-2122.
Limit switch MIC-4140, MIC-4141, military-4142.
Limit switch WPC-1, WPC-2, WPC-3, SPE-4, SPE-5.
Limit switch KU-700, KU-701, KU-703, KU-704, KU-706, KU-801.
Limit switch foot NV-701, HB-702.
Limit switch WU-701А.
Limit switch VU-150, VU-250M, WOO-22-4, WO-22-2Б4У3.
Limit switch VKM-02, CMEs-04, VKM-15, ECM-21, VKM-1,2; VKM-VZG.
Limit switch ERW-1, ERW-2.
Switch track VP-4МШУ3.
Switch door marine VDM-1М5, VDM-2М5.
Floor switch EP-11-40-U3, EP-13-OM5, EP-13-1-OM5.
Limit switch Siemens 3se5112-0ch01 (lever with clip).
End switch 1LS1-J Honeywell (lever with clip).
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