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Metal working machines, forging and pressing equipment.

Offer type: salePublished: 22.05.2018
Company:OOO Original Trejd
Seller:Vyacheslav Vladimirovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

The organization OOO "original trade" offers the supply of quality machine tools, forging - press and auxiliary equipment of the former to operate in full configuration tested.

When selecting machines often there are items that were used exclusively in experimental purposes and was not involved in production.

Also offer to consider the supply of illiquid, incomplete machines under restoration, major repairs, upgrades.

List of machines used:

1. automatic cold heading а1523

2. turning, boring, 1508

3. saw blade n-1

4. vertically-thread-cutting mn-56

5. automatic turret lathe 1и125н

6. high-precision CNC machine cm-600ф2

7. high-precision CNC machine cm-600ф4

8. press the crank-knee-as-5100

9. press bending he-1861

10. hydraulic press д2430б

11. hydraulic press дв2428а

12. crank press M1-00

13. shears н5222а

14. screw-cutting lathe with CNC 16т20пстс-18

15. drilling-grooving svpg-2A

16. machine ultrasonic treatment 4б771ф11

17. universal grinding 3в641

18. universal surface grinding 3y-71

19. vertical drilling 2н125

20. automatic bar chastisingly 1б240м6к

21. hammer forging мб4136

22. press the crank кд2118

23. press the crank кд2124

24. hydraulic press п6320

25. radial drilling 2м55

26. seroconversional milling 6д82шф20

27. horizontal milling universal 6м82


             List of machine tools used/ under recovery:

28. semi-automatic special lathe CNC STP-220ап

29. automatic thread rolling upaw8

30. screw-cutting lathe 1k62

31. screw-cutting lathe 16k20

32. horizontal boring 2431

33. thread rolling machine as-2518

34. five-axis machining center MS-032

35. vertical drilling 2а125

The full list of machines and equipment you can find in our website: