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BE-NT-300 - enameled boiler with heat exchanger

Offer type: salePublished: 22.05.2018
Price:10 000 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The indirect heating boiler is used in heating systems and is designed for energy efficiency, hot water. Teplosfera water heaters are equipped with upper and lower coils. For heating water by electricity in boiler design provided 1 1/2 pipe under ten. For more effective energy saving using high-quality insulation of polyurethane foam.
In the middle of the boiler there is the enamel which has elastic properties that allows to withstand the maximum loads during the heating of the metal. This greatly increases the life of this modern device.
Heat exchangers made of stainless steel, which indicates the high quality of the presented model. Cleaning Baku from the middle, there is a special flange. Casing made of high quality faux leather. The heater is mounted on the floor.

The main advantages of the boilers of indirect heating series BE-NT.

- the possibility of a continuous supply of hot water;
- providing domestic hot water simultaneously in several points;
- economical in terms of heat preservation;
- ability to switch to alternative heat source or several.


water volume (l): 300

maximum cold water pressure (bar): 8

the area of the lower heat exchanger (m): 1,15

the volume of the lower heat exchanger (l): 5,6

weight of heater without water (kg): 70