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Sonyachniy collector flat TS SOLR-2A

Offer type: salePublished: 22.05.2018
Price:7 000 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Great device to convert solar energy into thermal energy, created with innovative German technology and using high quality parts.

The main advantages of solar SOLR-2A.
Ultrasonic welding technology provides a more rigid and stable contact surface of the absorber and heat exchanger.
Selective coating of the absorber - TINOX on the basis of silicon and titanium oxide absorbs 95% of the energy when the coefficient of emission is only 5%.

Larger and structured glass collector also has a positive effect on energy absorption. The weld is on the back side of the absorber with the aim of preserving the integrity of protective and selective coating.

Low coefficient of heat loss is achieved through the use dostine frame insulation of basalt wool. This ensures a high level of insulation and efficiency even in the cold season.

Acrylic tape can withstand temperatures up to 155 degrees.

If the surface is damaged, the glass can be easily replaced without making changes in the product design.

Copper pipes laid in the form of "harp" allow merging of pipelines unneeded coolant in case of overheating of the system.

The surface is a manifold able to withstand hail up to a thickness of 3 cm


Glass thickness (mm) : 4

Glass surface : polished

The thickness of the lower insulation (mm) : 40

Thickness of side insulation (mm) : 30

The thermal insulation material : basalt wool

Area of absorbing surface : 1,9

The volume of exchanger (l) : 1,8

Maximum power (kW) : 1,5

Efficiency (%) : 80

Absorption rate (%) : 95

Stagnation temperature (C) : 220

Maximum working pressure (bar) : 15

Tube size heat exchanger (mm) : 10

Number of tubes : 8

Heat exchanger material : copper

Selective coating Tinox Energy

Housing color : black

Lifetime : 25 years