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Spare parts

Offer type: salePublished: 21.05.2018
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Address:Russian Federation, Voronezhskaya Oblast', Voronezh
sell To diesel D100
1 connecting Rod (big) b/y
2 the connecting Rod (short) b/y
3 Gear camshaft rear 2т10м 2т10л 2т10в 2M62 b/y (2pcs)
4 Slide the part with demfira 10D.100.36.004 SB (1pc)
5 Case toplivnogo pump D100.27.SB 109 (5pcs)
6 the supporting Plate of the upper piston D100.04-116сб-5 (92шт)
7 the supporting Plate of the lower piston D100.04-117сб-5 (4pcs)
8 Piston D100 a couple.27.102 (2pcs)
9 Gear leading T3.53.005 (4pcs)
10 Gear D100.26-005 (60pcs)
11 Gear D100.26-006 (60pcs)
12 Gear 9д100.26-027
13 Gear D100.26-016 (60pcs)
14 Gear D100.29-008 (100pcs)
15 Gear D100.29-009 (93шт)
16 Gear D100.12-029-2 (7pcs)
17 Gear D100.12-008-2 (16pcs)
18 Cover D100.02-001-2
19 Cover D100.02-002-1
20 Adapter indicator crane D100.01-105 (20pcs)
21 Adaptor nozzle D100.01-103 (20pcs)
22 Atomizer D100.17сб
23 connecting Rod (small) D100.24-2 (1pc)
24 connecting Rod (large) D100.24-1 (5pcs)
25 Bolt connecting rod with nut D100.24-005/006 (38шт)
26 Finger piston D100.04-004-6 (60pcs)
27 Finger piston D100.04-004 (11pcs)
28 Drive the oil pump and the regulator D100.26сб (1pc)
29 return Spring D100.22-115 (338шт)
30 Spring poloski D100.04.010-27
31 Ring blower D100.37.027 (2000pcs)