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Spare parts

Offer type: salePublished: 21.05.2018
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Address:Russian Federation, Voronezhskaya Oblast', Voronezh
Will sell components to the fuel pump D49 engines.107спч-2
1) the Guide pusher D49 engines.107.2 HRC-1
2) Pusher D49 engines.107.3 HRC-3
3) Pusher D49 engines.107.3 HRC-1
4) Bushing D49 engines.107.20
5) Roller D49 engines.107.19
6) seal Ring 37д85.37
7) o-Ring D49 engines.107.23
8) Rake 03д49.107-04
9) the Crown gear D49 engines.107.05
10) Spring D49 engines.107.08