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Microscope instrumental MIS-11

Offer type: salePublished: 21.05.2018
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Microscope instrumental MIS-11

MIS-11 double Linnik
The dual microscope allows measurement of the height of the roughness of the surfaces in the range from 0.8 micron to 62.5 micron, that is, to determine the cleanliness class of the surface from 3 to 9, inclusive, according to GOST № 2789-45. Using the microscope, MIS-11 is possible to carry out measurements of the profile of the outer surfaces of flat and cylindrical.
Microscope dual type IIA-11 is equipped with two tubes-lighting and visual arranged at an angle of 90° to each other. Tubes and specimen stage mounted on a comfortable steady tripod, ensuring the rigidity of the system and ease of operation.
To install the parts under study have a massive table, with the possibility of movement along the axes X and Y. the Table is provided with a prism for stacking of cylindrical products of various diameters. The amount of movement of the table in two mutually perpendicular directions ( X axis and Y axis ) is 10 mm. the Price of one division of the drum of the micrometer screw to move the table equal to 0.01 mm.
Lighting gap lighting tube is produced from a lamp 8, for which the device is applied to a step-down transformer powered from the mains 220V, 50Hz.
For visual observation and measurements the instrument is supplied with a screw micrometer eyepiece.
Dimensions ( in packaging) 297×510×465 mm.