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Solid fuel boiler 10kW San FR

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2018
Price:15 900 UAH
Seller:Gonchar Evgenij Vladislavovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Solid fuel boilers long burning CAH done of steel with a thickness of 5 mm, and seamless pipe with a thickness of 4 mm. This design is reliable and practical. Insulated by a layer of basalt wool thickness up to 50 mm, making the boiler safe in use, increases its efficiency and allows you to place it even in raw premises. The burning time of the load 24 to 48 hours. Power boilers from 10 to 120 kW. Heated ranging from 100 to 1200 m2. Boiler efficiency up to 89%

Solid fuel boiler "CAH-PT" (SAN-FRI) – an innovative solution that allows you to feed air into the combustion zone. Reliable and easy to maintain design. Download and cleaning of the boiler is easy, thanks to three opening hatches.

Automatic control of burning process allows to obtain the desired temperature at the outlet. Also, there is a the possibility to use circulating pump Central heating and to program time zones in the system clock operation.

  1. The efficiency of boilers long burning SAN - FRI (CAH-PT) to 89 ;

  2. Duration burning one load of boiler SAN - FRI (CAH-PT) up to 48 hours;

  3. Boilers long burning SAN - FRI (CAH-PT)work for all types of fuel full omnivorous;

  4. Boilers SAN - FRI (CAH-PT) save up to 40 % of the solid fuel compared to classic boilers;

  5. Boilers SAN PT (CAH-PT) as isolated by insulation, which makes them safe ;

  6. Boilers SAN - FRI (CAH-PT) universal can work in all types of water systems heating;

  7. Time operation of boilers SAN - FRI (CAH-PT) is not less than 10 years;

  8. Guarantee boilers SAN - FRI (CAH-PT) 24 months;

  9. Boilers SAN - FRI (CAH-PT) are designed individually according to needs the client, if necessary, change the geometry of the boiler;