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Solid fuel boiler San termo

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2018
Price:11 500 UAH
Seller:Gonchar Evgenij Vladislavovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Solid fuel boilers CAH are made of steel with a thickness of 4 mm, and seamless pipes thickness 4 mm. This design is reliable and practical. Insulated by a layer of basalt wool thickness up to 50 mm, making the boiler safe to use, improves efficiency and allows to place it even in damp areas the burning Time of the load 12 to 24 hours. Power boilers from 11 to 27 kW. Heated area from 50 to 270 m2. Boiler efficiency up to 89%. At the customer can be equipped with a draft regulator (+550 UAH) or electric automatic(+2000gr).

1)we are manufacturer that cheaper products due to the absence of mediation chains

2) do the installation, which is a convenient advantage for the client

3) guarantee 2 years subject to our installation or installation by certified specialists

4) high quality materials quality control. Plasma cutting metal, seamless pipes. System testing under extreme loads

5) we provide delivery

6) team of engineers which will consider individual - plan and offer the optimum project.

7) the furnace is Increased, what gives advantage as the dimensions of the loaded raw materials and volume.