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Urgent sell gear hobbing 53В80, more accurate analog 53А80. 1990. V. with mandrels and accessories. The ideal Machine is intended for milling cylindrical

Offer type: salePublished: 18.05.2018
Seller:RK Instrument
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

Urgent sell gear hobbing 53В80, more accurate analog 53А80.
1990. V. with mandrels and accessories. Perfect

The machine is intended for milling cylindrical and helical gears, shafts-gears, Zvezdochek and worm gears with high accuracy ( ISO 1328 1:1995 ) and performance.

Shaping is the method of running-in. When processing the reproduced worm gearing, one element of which is the worm-modular cutter (tool) and the other worm wheel (blank).

To implement the process of cutting hobbing machine is set to the main rotational movement. To obtain a given number of teeth serves as a dividing circuit (it serves as a circuit for running-in spur gears).

For the treatment of the tooth along the entire height there is a movement flow : for spur and helical gears - vertical feed, the worm wheel radial feed. Also for cutting helical gears on that machine, the additional rotation of the workpiece by using the differential circuit, consistent with vertical movement of the cutter relative to the workpiece.

Hydraulics and electronics the machine is controlled by programmable controller that provides ease of use, high reliability and reduces the probability of failure of the machine.

The machine is equipped with a security system , an automatic lubrication system components of the machine.

The frame is in the coolant tank where liquid is pumped into the treatment zone.

The machine is characterized by high static and dynamic stiffness, which is achieved due to the large mass of the bed and wide guide.

The machine is comfortable and easy to maintain control of the machine is performed by a single operator-technician. The machine requires during operation, the control of the operators, which is very effective in multiple machine maintenance.