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Equipment for slaughtering birds with a double saw

Offer type: salePublished: 08.06.2018
Seller:VELMARK M Vladislav
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Address:L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv, Ukraine
The equipment for slaughter is designed to automatically cut off the heads of chickens hung in the slaughter pipeline, immediately after electrical stunning.
Clipping is rotating saws, the cutting depth is adjusted manually.
The altitude of saws and their location is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. Special stainless steel guides ensure proper positioning of the head relative to the saws.
Due to the differing sizes of birds, requires a constant control over the work equipment.
Key benefits:
• Allows you to process up to 8,000 birds per hour
• Stainless steel frame
• Engine power (IP66):
2x 0.75 kW
• Equipment dimensions
— Length: 1559 mm
— Width: 889 mm
— Height:1550 mm min.-max. 1850 mm
— Weight: approx. 130 kg