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Buy crushed plastics: HDPE, PP, PS, granules,

Offer type: buyPublished: 17.05.2018
Price:1 UAH
Company:LLC Polymers
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
We buy waste: - polyethylene blow-molding drums, Jerry cans HDPE LDPE hdpe - granules, HDPE (HDPE), PP (PP), PS (UPM), scrap plastics in bulk, waste SS (UPM). treatment of plastics in bulk, crushed and PS waste PS (UPM). Waste of stretch, the crushed cans, a box HDPE LDPE HDPE LDPE polyethylene granules, crushed all the flowers - bottles, cans, bottle household, HDPE LDPE HDPE, cans plastic canister HDPE hdpe, - polyethylene low pressure HDPE HDPE jerricans boxes pail bucket, - plastic plastic - plastic bottles of household chemicals HDPE, treatment plastic plastic polyethylene, - box BU box HDPE scrap, - crushed plastics HDPE PP granules, PS, - crushed plastics: PS, PP,HDPE,agglomerate of stretch waste polypropylene (PP). Tables, chairs, sun beds, pallets, - ground waste plastic (scrap)-stretch, THE film, UPM, HDPE, LDPE, PP, waste bottle and cans HDPE. box HDPE (low pressure polyethylene) - beer, vodka, bread, milk. - plastic furniture, PP, PPR (tables, chairs, sun loungers). Tel.: (067) 591-49-39, (097) 414-39-54. Anastasia. Additional information on the website