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Solid fuel boiler Martin 12 kW.

Offer type: salePublished: 16.05.2018
Price:17 500 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The boiler minimum power in the line of long burning boiler (equipped with the turbine, and the control unit), while the thickness became 5 mm. Designed for heating homes area 100 - 120 sq. m. In our boilers we use only imported electronics (Germany, Poland).

MS-12 is a reliable, efficient, economical boiler of boiler steel, are not exacting to quality of fuel. The conditions created in the capacious loading chamber and a well distributed flow of secondary air through nozzles, allows to burn fuel from the top down and dorigatti pyrolysis gases emitted from the wood, which increases the time of burning. This allows the boiler to run on wood up to 12 hours and up to 24 hours on the corner (in one load).

Also fuel can be:

  • peat briquettes,
  • chips,
  • waste wood processing.

The efficiency of the heat exchanger such that the temperature of the flue gases at the boiler outlet does not exceed 150-180 degrees C. It consists of a water-filled grate, water jacket and the top four running the maze of shelves, filled with water.The speed of passage of flue gases is such that the maximum coolant has time to absorb heat. To ensure that the combustion process was the most efficient and a smooth boiler Marten Comfort equipped Polish automation TESN. The controller controls the operation of the circulation pump and the fan to provide the required amount of air into the combustion chamber. Once the fuel burns out, electronics go off automatically.To clean the boiler easily. Thanks to the movable grate between the grate bars, which operate a lever on the right side of the boiler and the spacious ash box.


    • Made of steel 09G2S;
    • Capacious loading chamber;
    • Top burning;
    • Complete combustion of the fuel;
    • A large highly efficient heat exchanger;
    • Convenient cleaning mechanism;
    • Roomy ash drawer;
    • Large adjustable door;
    • Reliable electronics and a fan;
    • Full insulation.