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Welding semi-automatic Leister Triac Drive AT

Offer type: salePublished: 16.05.2018
Price:2 800 $
Seller:Rudenko Ol'ga
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Sell Leister Triac Drive AT ,condition new.
Maximum grade:
115.269 - Triac Drive
141.314 - Leister Triac AT
115.700 - Nozzle for Triac Drive (38 mm approx external)
115.701 - Nozzle for Triac Drive (38 mm lapped internal)
115.275 - Support dual
138.549 - Auxiliary device for welding a horizontal surface, for example, on the parapets
142.413 extension for welding on railings
108.985 Case
Leister Triac Drive AT is a semi-automatic device is easy to use. The device is equipped with an innovative block hot air Triac AT establishing new standards. The flexible concept of the device makes it versatile and universal in use. Depending on the tasks during welding it is possible to use external or internal attachment.
Time-saving drive, which allows you to weld up to 3 times faster than manually.
great control over the welding parameters (set temperature is achieved automatically, even surges);
the level of airflow is controlled independently of temperature;
the small size allow automatic welding in areas inaccessible to other automatic apparatus;
Specifications Leister Triac Drive AT
Voltage, V 230
Power, W 1700
Frequency, Hz 50/60
Air temperature,oC 40-650
Air flow, l/min 120-240
Dimensions, mm 300 x 230 x 380
Weight, kg 4.1 with cable 3 m
Possible clearing. Torg
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