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Thread rolling machine А9518Б-1993 rolling Machines automatic

Offer type: salePublished: 16.05.2018
Seller:RK Instrument
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Poltava
Thread rolling machine А9518Б-1993 work. little b-the+5 set. rollers-105 000
Thread rolling machine А9518Б-1993 work. little b-the+5 set. the rollers 85 000 UAH
Semi-automatic two-roller rolling machines And 9518 force of 6.3 TS is a universal machine designed for cold rolling different profiles: accurate, fasteners, trapezoidal and other threads, fine-grained worms, break-in (calibration) cylindrical and spherical bodies when working on semi-automatic or automatic cycle with manual feeding of the workpieces.
3.2.1. Technical characteristics
The greatest force of rolling (flexible. infinitely variable), kN 63
The diameter of the rolled thread, mm 3 - 45
The highest pitch of the rolled thread, mm 2.5
The maximum length of a rolled thread, mm 58
Diameter of the rolled rollers, mm 90 - 150
Spindle diameter under the rollers, mm 54h6
Working stroke of the movable head, 10 mm
The spindle rotation frequency, Rev/min 25 - 224
Distance between axes of a spindle, mm 90 - 180
Motor power main drive kW 4,75
Overall dimensions, mm
- length 1240
width 925
the altitude of 1150
Weight (without hydraulic power unit and electrical Cabinet), kg 1075