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Device Chizhov PCMC from Kneader

Offer type: salePublished: 15.05.2018
Company:Kompaniya "Testomes"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Mytishchi

One of the important stages of the production process is the determination of moisture in foods. Processing technology of bread, confectionery, meat products lead to an increase in moisture, which is necessary to normalize in accordance with the General standards. This could be achieved by drying, drying, extraction, chemical exposure and other techniques. Today the popular method of drying, which is used with the device Chizhov.

Like about the device

Camera Chizhov is a device used in laboratories to control humidity. The device is a design, thought out to the smallest detail. The Executive unit performs a drying process, a "think tank" allows you to control the action. The first unit has a heating plate that fix the product. Aluminum elements are equipped with closed covers that are heated. The process control sets the desired temperature and is equipped with a timer.

If you work in a food laboratory or enterprise, you will need a device Chizhov. The company is a supplier of dough Mixer food equipment that is so necessary in this field. We sell products of Russian manufacturers and CIS countries, which can be on If you have any questions about the operation of the device, our managers will tell the technical characteristics, delivery terms to Russia and payment methods.

Why you need to buy a dryer?Because it has many advantages:

  • Quick setup and easy use.
  • Accessible service.
  • Lock by overheating of the device.
  • Automated configuration of temperature control.
  • Insulation drying.
  • Electrical safety.
  • An accurate measurement.

Today, no confectionery, dairy plant, meat processing plant are not without Chizhov device for humidity control products. Our team will do all that the device was delivered with all paperwork and in a short time on your production! We want to save your time to choose a reputable supplier, buying only quality products!