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Spare parts, pistons D49 engines, D50: 1-5Д49.22.1 HRC 2-5Д49.22.1 HRC 3-5Д49.22СПЧ 4-5Д49.22СПЧ, 1-ПД4.04.Number 001-1.

Offer type: salePublished: 10.05.2018
Seller:Guangzhou Shanrong Marine Spare Parts Co.,LTD.
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Address:China, Guangzhou

Sell spare parts for diesel engines D49 engines, D50: pistons, valves, cap cylinders, liners cylinders.

the piston 1-5Д49.22СПЧ diesel D49 engines .

the piston 2-5Д49.22СПЧ diesel D49 engines.

the piston 3-5Д49.22СПЧ diesel D49 engines.

the piston 4-5Д49.22СПЧ diesel D49 engines .

the piston 5-5Д49.22СПЧ diesel D49 engines.

prom valve D49 engines.78.05 on diesel D49 engines.

intake valve 5Д49.78.2 the HRC diesel D49 engines.

saddle exhaust valves D49 engines.78.52-01 diesel D49 engines.

cover cylinder 5Д49.78.1 SPCh diesel D49 engines.

sleeve cylinder 6Д49.36Спч-1 for diesel D49 engines.

the piston 1-ПД4.04.Number 001-1 diesel D50.

Valve suction D50.09.009 for diesel D50.

Valve exhaust D50.09.010 diesel D50.

atomizer D50. ( D50.17.101 sa) on the diesel D50.

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