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Motor drive disconnectors RSD

Offer type: salePublished: 10.05.2018
Price:38 000 UAH
Company:OOO GK Vyisokovol'tnyie tehnologii
Seller:Menedzher Menedzher
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Motor drive RSD-1


OOO GK “high voltage the technology” offers the manufacture motor drives for disconnectors 35-750 kV.

Drive RSD-1 is designed for local and remote electric control of disconnectors and earthing switches.

All drive components are sealed housing (IP55), with front door. Alarm the elements are mounted on the bracket and displayed on the terminal bar.

The transfer of power from the engine occurs at by means of gear reducer. Full rotation angle of the actuator is 190°



Nominal moment, Nm 800

Nominal voltage, V:

- electromagnetic lock 220(AC/DC); 110V(DC)

- the heater is 220V(AC/DC)

- the engine 220(AC/DC)

Rated power, W:

 - magnet coil start 220

 - coil electromagnet work 1,5

 - the heater 25

 - engine 700

The maximum cross-section for connected wire, mm2 4

The angle of rotation of the drive shaft, 90 - 190

Level of protection enclosure IP55

The mass of the drive is tog. 64

The switching time of the switch, with 10

The rated mechanical life cycle 2000



- simple design using proven mechanisms;

- big torque (800 Nm), enabling easy maneuvering single-pole and three-pole sets the switch-disconnector in the most severe climatic conditions (with icing);

different versions of the supply voltages and control (110 V AC/DC, 220 V AC/DC);

- versatile electric vehicle auxiliary and control equipment (this includes ghosting block contact);

- the feasibility of remote control, electric lock actuators, power circuits and earthing knives;

- extra u-joint, enabling the operation of the drive under the angle in relation to switch

- reliability;

- casing painted with powder paint steel elements hot-dip galvanised;

- does not need maintenance.