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Expensive buy waste from landfills: PS, PP, HDPE, toys, barrels, etc.

Offer type: buyPublished: 10.05.2018
Price:1 UAH
Company:LLC Polymers
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

We buy waste plastics polygon in bulk: PS, PP, HDPE, LDPE, cover televisions and refrigerators, furniture, cans, plastic drums, cans, syringes, buckets, scrap boxes, toys, caps, buckets of mayonnaise and fish, jars, scoops for litter, funnels, graters, colanders, buckets, mugs, lids for jars, bowls, grille shell, stand for utensils, dishes, etc., children's toys and their parts (without fittings), cans, barrels, wastebasket, trays, baths, etc.
The company is constantly buys large volumes of polystyrene waste:
- cover the TV, the inside of the refrigerator, spool, production waste, sprues, artificial flowers, toys, videotapes, etc
- crushed polystyrene. Color: black, white, color..
Volumes from 1 to 50 tons/month.
- Crushed polypropylene (PP).
- Agglomerated polypropylene.
Colors: white, red, black, green, color, mix.
Volume up to 30 tons/month.
We invite to cooperation of the enterprise related to the production of polymer products, waste sorting plants, landfills, and all those associated with polymers.
Want to sell waste plastics when You contact us, call us we will call you back!
Offer additional services for granulation and grinding materials.
On clean and high-quality material prices are negotiated additionally.
Transport paid by the Buyer. Payment terms by agreement. Operate throughout the territory of Ukraine
Please call (097) 4143954, (067) 5914939. Anastasia.
Additional information on the website