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Pedal machine PE-1M, PE-CPE 1МУ3 one - and two-pin

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Pedal machine, SPE-038-1 one-touch

Suitable for presses КД2122, КД2123, КД2124, КД2324, КД2126, КД2326, КД2128, КД2328, КД2130, КД2330

To guillotine shear НК3418, НК3418Р, НК3416, Н3418 and the guillotines.

Pedal machine PE-1M (PE-1 MU3) one-touch
Pedal electric PE one-touch and two-pin is designed to control press brakes, shears and other machines forging equipment. In pedal PE-1M click control KE-031.

Operating conditions pedal electric PE:
- the nominal value of climatic factors GOST 15543.1-89 and GOST 15150-69;
- altitude above sea level not exceeding 2,000 m;
pedals are resistant to corrosive agents of the atmosphere type II and correspond to the groups of operating conditions of metal parts according to GOST 15150-69;
- pedals must stand on a level floor without fastening and should not budge when you press on the pedal. The main operating position the pedals horizontal.

  The electric pedal is used on the following equipment:
- crank press КД2122, КД2123, КД2124, КД2324, КД2126, КД2326, КД2128, КД2328, КД2130, КД2330;
- crank shears НК3418, НК3418Р, НК3416, Н3418.

Design and description of the operation pedal electric PE-1M



1 - visor;
2 - the lever;
3 - bolt М8х12;
4 - cover;
5 - button holder;
6 - screw М5х10;
7 - screw М5х12;
8 - tube;
9 - housing;
10 - controller;
11 - a pusher;
12 - spring;
13 - gon;
14 - screw М5х10;
15 - lever axle;
16 - screw М4х8;
17 - washer 10x1;
18 - plate;
19 - bolt contact.

One-touch foot pedal, and Peh-1(M) consists of a cast or welded body, mounted with a control element (actuator) spring-loaded pedals and one single contact device direct operation of the bridging contacts.

The presence of the protective visor prevents the pedal from falling objects, exclude the possibility of accidental actuation of the pedal, and protects the foot operating personnel.

When you press the pedal switch contacts when the pedal is released under the influence of the spring returns it to its original position and return the switch contacts.

The main parameters of the pedals, PE, PE-1M

Supply spare parts

Pedal, PE-1M

Pedal PE

The design of the pedal



Nominal AC voltage 50 Hz and 60 Hz,

330, 660

Rated DC voltage,

220, 440

Rated current, a

Is determined by the rated current of the microswitches

Pedal stroke, mm


Example of designation of a pedal machine for one-touch electric control crank scissors НК3418:
Pedal electric with stand PH-1 MU3