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The slicer agro-Slicer manual and automatic from Tuspo

Offer type: salePublished: 09.05.2018
Price:283 000 RUR
Company:OOO "Tverskoj zavod pischevogo oborudovaniya"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
The company carries slicers for bakeries. The assortment line is represented by vehicles with manual and automatic feed bread pieces. The machine "agro-Slicer" is designed to work with the following types of products: • Bread for toast; • Loaves; • Hearth bread; • Rye and wheat products. Laborately machines have a mechanism to inflate the bags and a metal table, which allows packaging of the finished product. Sliding supports make it possible to quickly move the unit around the room (if necessary, they can be fixed). The price of industrial slicers ranges from 162000 to 393000 R. Firm provides a guarantee on all types of devices. Seek the advice of our specialists.