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Sell sensor ИС496А, ИС523, ИС566, ИС629-1, ИС445, ИС495,

Offer type: salePublished: 09.05.2018
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Sell sensors: ИС496А; ИС523; ИС566; ИС629-1; ИС445; ИС495;
bolt temperature Sensor ИС495, ИС496А
inductive Sensor temperature ИС629-1
thermocouple temperature Sensor ИС566
thermocouple Sensor ИС523
Rpm sensor ИС445

Sell the sensors: EC-523, EC-566, EC-629-1; EC-445, EC-495, IP-496А;
bolt temperature Sensor EC-495, EC-496А
inductive Sensor is-629-1
thermocouple temperature Sensor EC-566
thermocouple Sensor IC-523
Rpm sensor EC-445

IP.445; is.495; is.496А; ISA.523; IP.566; is.629-1; ИС496-A; IS-496-A; IP.496.A;