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Unit combustion control Honeywell DKO 976-N mod. 05

Offer type: salePublished: 08.05.2018
Seller:Andrij Valerijovich
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Furnace machine DKO 976

Possible flame sensor:
— Photoresistor МZ 770 S
— Infrared detector IRD 1010.1
UV sensor UVD 970

Programming sequence based on a microprocessor ensures a stable distribution of time intervals irrespective of voltage fluctuations, ambient temperature and/or cycles. Built-in information system not only provides continuous monitoring
the actual position of furnace machine (especially important to control the start phase) but also informs about the possible cause of an emergency shutdown. The cause of emergency shutdown is saved and can be restored even after a power outage.
Execution of furnace machines offers maximum safety in case of voltage fluctuations in the network. If the voltage is falling below an acceptable level, operation stops, and the furnace to prevent automatic re-starting procedure. In this case, the system is not put at risk when the voltage drops. The low voltage protection operates not only during startup but also during operation.

DKO 976 Mod.05 Safety time 5 s Time after ignition 7 c Switching to 2nd speed 20 c