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Element of the normal unsaturated e-303

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Element of the normal Э303
Accuracy class 0.02 GOST 1954-82

The elements of a normal unsaturated (ad) Э303 class 0.02 GOST 1954-82 used as a measure of the electromotive force (EMF) in fixed and portable electrical devices.

Temperature calibration B. C. 20 °C. Average temperature coefficient in the temperature range from 10 °to 40 ° C does not exceed 5мкВ/°C and in the temperature range from 5 to 10°C and 40 to 50°C 10 µv/°C. the Internal resistance of the BC Э303 DC with the release of not more than 600 Ohms. The increase in internal resistance BC Э303 during the first year of service of not more than 500 Ohms. during the entire life - no more than 1000 Ohms.

Insulation resistance between electrical circuit BC Э303 and the housing in the working conditions of use and relative air humidity not more than 80% not less than 1 Gω. The area of the electrodes (cross section of the branches of the glass shell ) is not more than 60 mm2. Dimensions B. C. e-303 not more than 78х47х24 mm. Weight B. C. e-303 not more than 0.09 kg. the Content of precious metals: PD - g. the Total content of non-ferrous metals: copper and alloys copper-based: copper wire MM 0,1 g brass LS63 - 2G.

Available - 9pcs.