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7210 Machine planing double column

Offer type: salePublished: 06.05.2018
Company:Chastnoe litso
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Machines model 7210 is designed for the treatment method of planing a variety of surfaces, with a rectilinear form on details from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and some plastics. The machine has two vertical pivot calipers on the crossmember and one side pivot caliper on the front. The table drive is provided from a DC motor through dual-band a box of speeds. Control of the machine, including the setting of the stroke length of the table, is with a pendant. The machine is equipped with: right side caliper, slip the cutter head. Maximum dimensions of workpieces, mm: Width 1000, Height 900. Dimensions of table working surface, mm Width: 900; Length 3000. Maximum weight of workpiece 1000 mm length of the table 1500 kg. The limits of speed of table, m/min 2...80. Limits of working feeds, mm/DV. move: ; calipers 0,5...25; slides 0,25 12,5.... Stroke of slide, mm 300. The greatest angle of rotation of the slide, grad. +60. Power of primary motion drive, kW 50. Machine overall dimensions (with separately located devices and electric equipment), mm length 9500 width 4500 and height (if horizontal position of the boom mount remote control) 3400. Year of release: 1976. Accuracy class: N. Greatest travel of table mm 3200. Power, kW: 40. Weight of the machine (along with individually located aggregates and electric equipment), kg 27500. Location: Kiev. Good condition. Complete. Disabled for use in the production cycle. Little exploited. Location: Kiev. More information at: