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Edge banding machine Brandt Optimat KDN 340 Kantentechnik

Offer type: salePublished: 06.05.2018
Price:25 000 $
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The entrance edge banding machine Brandt KDN340 b/Optimat , 2005. right-hand drive vehicles , length 3450мм. The entrance edge banding machine with auto conveyor the workpieces, for facing edge of furniture workpieces edging material with the use of hot melt adhesives.

Performs automatically in pass-through mode:

- glue application to edging material and adhered to a edge of the workpiece;

- the trimming of the protrusions of the edge length;

- curved or straight milling of the projections of the edges;

- sanding of radii after milling;

- polishing the lined edges. Attaching the node to designed for work on granular glue-melt.

Adhesive bath is located under the adhesive roller.

The function of the electronic temperature control in the gluepot. Auto lower the temperature in the tank to prevent overheating of the adhesive.

Auto shop is designed to supply roller and strip edging, block edging and a plate with a diameter of 800 mm for coils.

Area of the clamp with the main clamping roller with pneumatic drive, and with the special roller clamp for extra sealing the upper and lower adhesive joints.

Height adjustable mechanism with upper clamp mechanical digital counter.

End trimming unit is designed to remove front and the rear overhangs the edge material. The movement of the trimming nodes precision THK linear guides. 2 motors Milling unit is designed pre-milling the thickness of the workpiece from above and below. Equipped with vertical and horizontal Cams that allows you to get high quality treatment without damage to the surface of the part. Hobby unit for PVC edges with copiers top, bottom and side chamfering and rounding of pre-milled edges of PVC. E-braking motors for trimming and milling units.

Prop styling details extends

Noise protection cover, Central tube D=100 mm for connect the aspiration. Electronic control with remote control input machine and non-contact track management functions of the units.

Technical data:

Workpiece thickness 8 — 50 mm

Workpiece width min 60 mm

Workpiece length min 140 mm

The thickness of the edge material 0.4 — 3 mm

Max. section: strip 3 x 55, roll 3 x 30 / 1,0 x 55 mm)

Feed speed 9 m/min.

Electrics 400 V — 3 phases — 50 Hz

Power consumption 5,0 kW

Compressed air connection 6 bar

Compressed air consumption 350 Nl/min.

Weight 1200 kg