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Jig-boring machine Jig machine 2А450 with snap

Offer type: salePublished: 05.05.2018
Price:150 000 UAH
Company:PST Ukraina
Seller:Litvinov Sergej Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
Jig-boring 2А450 - for holes with the exact location of their axes without the use of markup.
Boring machine was in private hands, everything works, optics glowing, is smooth. In picking a globe and rotary tables and tooling: transitional cone, boring head, kraichtal, collet Chuck, collets.

Characteristics boring machine:

Table dimensions, mm 1100x630
Greatest travel of table, mm
longitudinal 1000

cross 630

Distance from spindle nose to table surface, mm
the greatest 750

least 250

Distance from spindle axis to the column (flight) mm 710
Drilling capacity, mm 30
The largest bore diameter, mm 250
The most weight of workpiece, kg 600
Discreteness of setting the coordinates, mm 0,001
Installation precision of the coordinates, mm 0,005
Diameter universal rotary table, mm 440
Diameter horizontal rotary table, mm 600
The taper hole of the spindle (special)
Most spindle movement, mm 250
The maximal displacement of the spindle, mm 250
Limits of numbers of turns of the spindle per minute 50-2000
Limits of feeds of spindle, mm/Rev. 0,03-0,16
Moving speed of table, mm/min working (milling)
the working (milling) 20 315..

Express 1200

Machine dimensions, mm 2670 x 3305 x 2660
Machine weight (without Cabinet and accessories), kg 7300