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Stove for saunas Cascade

Offer type: salePublished: 05.05.2018
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Massive and graceful oven-stove for baths "Cascade" in its design curved shape the heater for the bath, reminiscent of an avalanche of stones, which create the element uncontrollable natural elements in the steam room.

Oven-heater "Cascade" due to the open furnace and a large mass of stones, like the geyser fills the steam room is thick with hot steam, creating the effect of presence wildlife in the sauna. Stylized chrome details and viewing window, visualized under furnace, betray Your rest room Majesty the fireplace room.

*Design and appearance of the furnace is patented and protected under the Law.

Stove for baths ensure maintenance of the desired temperature and humidity at maximum the coefficient of performance. Shipping Ukraine.