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ИВ3428 electric pipe and tube Bender (pipe bending machine)

Offer type: salePublished: 04.05.2018
Price:45 000 UAH
Company:Chastnoe litso
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
ИВ3428 bending machine designed for bending pipe in a cold state with a mandrel (mandrel) and without a method of storing the pipe on the bending roller c minimum bend radius of 1.5 pipe diameter maximum bending radius 320 mm Machine ив3428 developed in 1982 to replace models GSTM-21M and serially produced since 1984. Developer AT KPO Azov. Manufacturer - Factory KPO G. Sarana. Electromechanical tube Bender model ИВ3428 can be used in boiler and shipbuilding industries, factories, assembling pieces, the installation of water and gas, as well as construction and Assembly sites of industrial and civil construction. Main parameters of the machine sheet bending ИВ3428: the Largest outer diameter is 63 mm. maximum thickness of the wall of the flexible tube - 4.0 mm. maximum length of flexible pipe is 3000 mm. Largest bending radius of sector (internal) - 320 mm turning Angle of the bending sector 210°. The distance from the axis of bending sector to the attachment end of the mandrel - 3000 mm drive Power is 6.3 kW. Size (length x width x height), mm: 3485 x 1370 x 1355. Press weight, kg: 1250. Good condition. Complete. Location: Kiev. More information at: