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The injector 54 of the needle

Offer type: salePublished: 04.05.2018
Price:15 000 $
Company:Myasnoj Tehnik
Seller:Salome Mzhavia
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy
Injector - this equipment is intended for filling of meat or fish with salt brine. Further production of the product in the Smoking or gourmet group.
One four-row infectiona head;
54 needles with a diameter of 3mm;
Total power of 8 kW;
Stepless adjustment of the injection pressure 0.5 to 6 bar;
Stepless adjustment of the step conveyor in a volume of 10 mm to 70 mm feed feed table;
Distance adjustment straps on each product;
Stepless adjustment of the speeds of head from 0 to 54 beats per minute;
Four degrees of filtration of the brine;
Tape width 550 mm;
Performance depending on the output:
- at the exit 190% - 130 kg/hour
- at the exit 180% - 160 kg/hour
- when you exit 170% - 200 kg/hour
- when you exit 160% - 250 kg/HR
The overall dimensions of the injector 2600*850*2200