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Flexible handle brush for cleaning chimneys fireplaces air ducts

Offer type: salePublished: 03.05.2018
Price:135 UAH
Seller:Tkachenko Andrej
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Flexible handle brush for cleaning chimney,fireplaces,ventilation ducts

Flexible handle designed for cleaning metal and brick chimneys.
Suitable for pipes of any diameter and of different lengths. Suitable for bent pipes. Do not scratch the inner surface of the chimney.
A sufficient level of flexibility of the handles will help you to freely control their movements, providing effective cleaning of pipe walls.
For flexible pens is a versatile brush 400 mm. Application: Use a universal brush for cleaning chimney Hansa is extremely simple.
Due to its special flexibility of the brush is able to get through the narrowest gap, which gives the opportunity to clean the pipe, just putting his brush to the outlet of the heating device.
You really don't have to climb on the roof.

Manufacturer: Lithuania
Pack 6 EA., you Can also order your desired amount!

Shipping New mail in Ukraine, payment on delivery or prepayment.

Form of Payment: Cash non-Cash.