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Sold by laminator YDFM 720 (new)

Offer type: продамPublished: 02.12.2021
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Sold by laminator YDFM 720 (new)

Roll laminator YDFM is designed for single sided laminating of sheet products. The most common laminator in printing of Ukraine and well-proven.


hydraulic system pressure;
system control the uniformity of heating of the shaft.
the base width of lamination - 620 mm (expandable to 700)
adjust the speed of laminating up to 30 m/min;

The proposed lamentary from a warehouse and under the order in different formats:

laminator hot laminating YDFM720, YDFM920, YDFM1200, YDFM1600
laminator cold laminating SRFM720,SRFM920, SRFM1100 (with inset Windows)
laminator with separator sheets YFML720A, YFML920A
laminating machine with oil heating YDFM720А, YDFM920А
automatic laminator SAFM800A, SAFM1100A, SADF540A

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