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Speed relay RS-67 U3

Offer type: salePublished: 29.04.2019
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
KOEMZ sells: speed Relay type RS-67 v3.
Speed relay RS-67 is available with intrinsically safe control circuits, intrinsic safety coefficient which is equal to 1.5.
Speed relay RS-67 together with technogenically sensor, OPDS or magnetoinductive sensor DM-2 is designed to control the speed
slip and transverse impulse belt conveyor belt and controlling the movement and open circuit single-chain scraper conveyor with speeds
tape in the range from 0.6 to 3.5 m/s and chain from 0.4 to 1.6 m/s. Relay RS-67 controls the operation of a single conveyor, and conveyors included in
continuous carrier sorting, processing plants, surface mines, etc.
Speed relay RS-67У3 can be applied to control mechanisms having moving metal components with air gaps,
for example: screens, oscillating feeders, etc.
Speed relay RS-67 is designed for operation in closed premises with natural ventilation (space category 3 according to GOST 15150-69).
Relay RS-67 can be made to work in temperate or tropical climates.
Type designation of the relay depending on the climatic conditions of the RS-67У3 (temperate climates) or РС67Т3 (
tropical climate).
Relay RS-67 should be installed outside the hazardous areas.
Rated voltage AC 50 Hz – 127, 220, 380 V.
Fluctuations in the supply voltage from +10 to -15%.
Maximum power consumption is 6 VA.
The number of contacts of the relay 2B+1P+1P.
Voltage, switching relay contacts:
2D+1P – 250 V;
1P – to 36.
The current switched by the relay contacts:
2D+1P to 5 A;
1P – 2 A.
Power switching relay contacts:
2B+1R to 500 V•A;
1P – up to 72 In•A.
Sensitivity: the minimum signal perceived by the relay when control of the movement of the chain scraper conveyor should not be more than 2 V.
The minimum signal perceived by the relay when the speed control belt conveyor belt should be no more than 7 V.
The recovery ratio of at least 0.75.
Exposure time:
the inclusion of from 2 to 6;
to shut off – adjustable from 2 to 5 s.
Climatic variables, which provide normal operation of the relay:
ambient temperature -10 to +55°C;
humidity 98% at +35°C.
Allowed power relay RS-67 alternating current frequency of 60 Hz.
The degree of protection from environmental influences and from contact to live parts according to GOST 14255-69 e P20.
The sensor circuit is intrinsically safe with the intrinsic safety factor of 1.5.
Size not more 215х145х175 mm.
Weight not more than 4 kg.
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