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Milking up to 8 cows, quality guaranteed

Offer type: продамPublished: 17.09.2019
Price:5 900 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Milking machine Hammock-Rotor 3000 "standard"
Price 5900грн.

Milking machine Hammock-3000 Rotor is used for milking from 1 to 8 cows with a dry vacuum pump, two vanes, with a power of 1.1 kW with a more reliable thick winding at 3000 rpm.
Equipped with a reversing valve and increased the vacuum container (receiver for 10 liters)
The vacuum pump is mounted on mobile frame with large inflatable wheels (pneumatic on-the-go), which facilitates its movement.
Also the vacuum pump is additionally equipped with a bulb-shut off and replaceable vacuum tubes, which prevent from entering the pump rust, dust particles and dirt. On the vacuum cylinder (receiver) has a transparent removable lid which has a silicone gasket. The possibility of connecting additional milking systems. Milking bucket comes with plastic lid and silicone gasket cuff.
Package contents:
1. Vacuum pump 1.1 kVA
2. Milking system with plastic cups and a black rubber nipple.
3. Polycarbonate transparent milking bucket 22 liters.
Suitable for use in small spaces.
Can be supplied with stainless steel cups and an aluminum bucket 20 litres.