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Milk analyzer Ekomilk, precise and reliable

Offer type: salePublished: 17.09.2019
Price:15 850 UAH
Seller:Georgij Kal'ko
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Analyzer EKOMILK instantly without the use of any chemical reagents produces a qualitative analysis of the composition of milk.
Among the measured parameters, percentage of fat, protein, skimmed milk solids (SNF), water content, density and freezing point.
Ekomilk instruments are calibrated for 2 different modes of measurement:
1) whole cow milk
2) at buyer's option: homogenized/skim milk.
Widely used in factory laboratories, reception centers, mini-mills and farms for milk quality control.
The analyzer has a high accuracy of measurement, reliability, easy maintenance, wide scope of use, allowing you to occupy one of leading places on the market devices of the same type.
The measuring cycle of 30 measurements per hour
This device can be equipped with additional equipment:
- Software development
- Stabilizing the power supply
Storage device
- Thermal printer (external, internal).