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Equipment for the maintenance of parental herd of hens

Offer type: salePublished: 13.06.2017
Price:1 000 UAH
Seller:Skripka Marina
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Nizhyn, Ukraine

Cell the equipment allows you to keep the poultry in optimum comfortable conditions, which in turn allows to increase the productivity of poultry and hatching output eggs, as well as to improve the microclimate in the house. This significantly reduces the cost of services and maintenance in poultry. Cell design due to the presence of adjustable height perch, optimal for poultry the size of a cell, darkened sockets, and adjustable the height of the drinking lines creates the conditions for achievement of high results in to increase the productivity and quality of hatching eggs in the egg contents of any cross breeds.


And We also produce:

- cage equipment for the maintenance of industrial flock of laying hens;

- Cellular equipment for growing of rearing laying hens – the MSAR;

- Kit equipment for keeping of quails;

- Equipment for outdoor growth of broilers;

- Loaders of dry forages.

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